Ride Clean is a project that began from a dream, that hopes to learn how to ride a bike on the trails without leaving a sign that you had ever been there.

This “philosophy” find is declining in our area and on the trails that it has to offer. Our trails were not designed for mountain bikes they are created to connect alpine pastures and to ensure supplies to world war posts during the first world war. It is because of this, our historical characteristic that makes our trails so very mystical and special.

Due to the history involved with our trails, while you are biking or walking on them you should feel the desire to treat the paths with respect and not disrupt the natural state

of which they are in, but become a part of it. Indulge in every grain our land has to offer, because even the most fearsome obstacles and the harshest descents become an ideal playground to test the skills of the most experienced riders. Ride Clean should be a message for all who love mountain biking and for those who want to live in then most natural way possible. Pedal along a story that has created some of the best tracks in the alps.